Our College Library is sine qua non of our College. It has a collection of sufficient number of books which cater to the growing needs of the students. It takes Library service to the door steps of the deprived readers.
B.        Section - I (General)
1.         The library opens during college hour - 10 A. M. to 5P.M.
2.         It remains closed on Sunday and authorized holidays. Last period of every working is set apart for official work of the Library.
3.         The arrangement may be made to keep the Library open during long vacation.
C.        SECTION - II (Rules)
1.         No books shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of Librarian and until it has been properly entered in the Loan Register and the entry attested by the borrower.
2.         Member of the teaching staff may borrow books during their classes for their immediate reference.
3.         Each borrower must examine the books before they are issued, if incase any damage of issued book is discovered fine will be imposed against the borrower.
4.         Book should be returned within the allotted time.
5.         When the date, if returned falls on an authorized holiday, it should be returned to the library on the next working day.
6.         All books must be returned to the library before long vacation.
7.         Borrower must return the books whenever he receives a requesting notice.
8.         Books must be returned to the Librarian.
9.         In no circumstances the issued book shall be marked and the picture pages should not be torn or disfigured.
10.       The librarian will report the Principal the names of the borrower who mishandle the book.
11.       The Principal has the right to stop the issue of certain books to some intending borrowers.
12.       A borrower against whom any over dues or other charges are outstanding shall not be allowed to borrow books from the Library.
13.       If any borrower keeps books in his/her possession beyond the time allowed, no books will be issued to him/her and he/she is subject to be penalized Rs.10.00 per day.
14.       All are expected to observe silence in the library.
15.       The Library should not be used for any other purpose other than reading or consulting books or journals or periodicals.
16.       Articles not connected with the study books should not be brought into Library.
17.       Spitting, smoking or sleeping inside library are strictly forbidden.
18.       An unauthorized person who tries to force his way into library may be punished by the Principal.
19.       Nobody but member of the teaching staff and ministerial staff may go beyond the library counter or person who got special permission from the Principal may work inside the Library.

20.       Maximum number of books that may be issued to various classes of borrowers:-
a)         Members of the teaching staff       -                       20 each
b)         Librarian                                            -                       05 each
c)         Demonstrator & PET                       -                       03 each
d)         Member of Ministerial Staff            -                       03 each
e)         Store keeper & Library Attendant  -                       02 each
f)          Assistants, Peons & other staff     -                       01 each         
g.         Pass Student of Degree Classes -                       01 each
h)        Hons. Student of Degree Classes            -                       02 each
i)          +2 Students                                      -                       01 each
21.       A books once issued to a borrower may not be reissued to him only when nobody wants to take it. Books for reissue must be renewed.
22.       Books of reference, text books, current issues of the periodicals, courses of studies and some books shall not be issued for use at home.
23.       Member of the staff may take books on signing in loan register and the time allowed for return is two months.
24.       Students must take the books on Library Cards and time allowed for them is 7 days.
25.       Any book damaged or defaced must be replaced at the readers end and if a book is one of a set or a series and the volume cannot be obtained single, the whole set or series must be replaced at the readers cost.
26.       In those cases where the price of the book is not mentioned or ascertained, he should pay as compensation an amount fixed by the Principal.
27.       No person is allowed to bring personal books to the Library.
28.       No student is allowed to enter into Library without the permission of the Librarian.
29.       Students should fill his Library Card properly
30.       It is serious offence for one borrower to sign for another borrower or another’s name.
31.       A new (duplicate) card will be issued after the loss of first (original) library card on payment of Rs. 10/-

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